2019 Sugar-Effect Nail Ideas Must Try

Bring on your LDS Nail Dipping Powders and your manicure tools and prepare to have beautiful nails that you’ll want to wear all-year long. Take a look at these nail arts looks to inspire your next salon appointment or better yet, do it at your own home so you can save time and money. These are all easy to do and they are anything but basic. Read on as you might have the perfect nail idea to recreate this weekend.

Sugar-Effect Nail

1. Celestial Pink Perfect For an Angel Like You

This gorgeous look relies on a frosted pink shade fit for an angel. LDS D06 I’m Blushing For You is the perfect basecoat here. But instead of coating all nails with the same color, you can switch things up by adding a sugar-effect floral top coat on several nails. You can either use a single colored nail dipping powder to achieve the sugar effect or you can use glittered ones for more kick. By adding a few simple details, an ordinary nail look becomes a heavenly one in mere minutes.

2. Frosted Candy Coated Ombre Nails

Combining two techniques in one nail art? Yes, indeed. The ombre and sugar-effect nail art is suited for both short nail designs and long nail designs. You can actually use any color of your choice, but for a super feminine touch, try using LDS D51 Pinky Pink and LDS D12 Pink Voltage for the ombre effect and sprinkle a bit of LDS Base Powder on the tip before applying top coat for the sugar coat effect.

3. Dazzling Pink and Sugar Coated Nails

This ultra-feminine selection blends glitz and glamour to produce nail art that is perfect for any true nail addict. A delicate blush pink LDS D63 Apple Blossom is complemented by a rich, luxurious silver-toned LDS D165 Silver fog for the glitter effect. These designer nails are sure to impress as they glint and glimmer whenever they catch the light. This look takes artificial nails to the next level.

4. A Hint of Glimmer

Are you looking for a subdued nail idea that you can wear when you meet the parents? You sure don’t want to look over the top on that day. So why not wear this look, just coat the nails with LDS D54 Limited Edition and coat the tip with LDS D155 I Wear Love for a dash of sparkle. With the mass appeal of this nail design, your future family will be delighted to meet you.

5. Paint the Town Red

Enough with the subtle look, you can also wear bold colors without looking too loud with this nail art idea. To start, go nude as if doing the traditional French tip but instead of painting the tip white, dip it in LDS D23 Heat of the moment and accentuate the ring finger nail by doing the sugar-effect on it using the same red nail dipping powder. This look is perfect for any nail addict or nail newbie.