OPI Gelcolor San Jose

Gelcolor San Jose


You surely have discovered the OPI Gelcolor and need to find out where you can locate it. On this site we are able to help you identify exactly where you are able to get OPI Gelcolor in San Jose.

This most awaited groundbreaking nail service could very well be new to San Jose, since it was formally announced in October of 2011. After its original launch it has been rapidly going from manicurist to manicurist all through the U.S.. Even as it is swiftly growing, there still exist nail technicians who have not yet been made aware of the product or service. For this reason, your San Jose, California nail tech is probably not providing Gelcolor by OPI as a fingernail service. If in fact this is the situation, please tell them about this brand new nail service. You can even direct them right here so they can find out about the UV manicure.

Include Your OPI Gelcolor San Jose Nail Services On The Website Directory

We now have partnered up with certainly one of the major nail salon internet directories online to help nail technicians list their fingernail services. Specifically we partnered up with this nail salon listing to help beauty salons advertise their completely new OPI Gelcolor salon service.

After being added, the beauty salons may obtain testimonials from others, insert pics, and also begin gaining brand new customers searching to be serviced with Gelcolor by OPI. This really is a wonderful option when it comes to marketing beauty salon services.

Just What Exactly Does OPI Gelcolor Have To Benefit You?

You can get quite a few exceptional features with this brand new OPI gel/polish product.

  1. The brand new product or service gives a superb group of colors. OPI Gelcolor colors now is offered in thirty shades as of January 2, 2012. These thirty color selections are not simply typical colors. These are shades that 1000s of ladies have grown to enjoy by OPI. OPI has included a number of their most favored shades into this most awaited product line.
  2. The system brushes on just like normal polish and is removed equally as quickly. Despite the fact that the nail polish behaves similar to a gel by being hard and avoiding deterioration it also has got capabilities of regular polish. It’s very easy to be put on, just like nail polish. It is actually put on with the nail brush which is placed on the polish bottle, much like typical polish. With regards to taking it off there is positively absolutely no filing included. Let’s say simply that Gelcolor incorporates the best qualities of gel along with the best qualities of polish into 1 bottle.
  3. Gelcolor endures on your fingernails for weeks. It will not only last but it glows, shields, and looks extremely awesome. Because of this Ultraviolet manicure you don’t need to panic about chips, breaks, and bubbling. You get the picture. It is excellent!
  4. Gelcolor cures rapidly. Various ultraviolet nail products are a little too consuming in terms of curing under a UV light. OPI’s Ultraviolet manicure takes thirty seconds to treat between layers, this is really fast. Not merely is it really fast but the dry time is zero. Just after getting cured the fingernails are dry and all set. You could put your nails in your bag to try to find car keys without needing to bother about chips, marks, or even smudges.