How To Do OPI Gelcolor

How to do OPI Gelcolor at Home

Below is a quick and easy tutorial teaching you How to do OPI Gelcolor.

This step by step guide will help professional nail technicians and also women who want to do OPI Gelcolor at home. Scroll below video to see written OPI Gelcolor instructions.

Step By Step Instructions For Apply OPI Gelcolor

  1. Apply your first layer of Gelcolor by OPI. This first layer will be your base coat. Remember to always cap the free edges.
  2. If you have gotten any gel on the skin or around the cuticles, make sure you remove it before curing.
  3. If you have an OPI LED Light. If you are using a light that is not LEd, then you need to cure for 1 minutes.
  4. After both hands have been cured apply the first layer of OPI Gelcolor color.
  5. Remember to shake the bottles before using.
  6. Cure for 30 seconds in the OPI LED Light. Remember that if you are using a light that is not LED, then cure the color layers for 2 minutes.
  7. Apply the second layer of color to all 10 nails.
  8. Cure the second layer of OPI Gel color for 30 seconds in the LED light but 2 minutes in a light that is not LED.
  9. Apply the top coat of Gelcolor by OPI to all 10 nails.
  10. Cure for 30 seconds in the LED or for 3 minutes with a lamp that is not LED.
  11. Wipe all nails with N.A.S 99.
  12. Apply cuticle oil.