12 Nail Art Supplies for Your Manicure Kit

You may find it difiicult visiting the salon for nail manicure everytime due to your schedule. However, there are other options available if you cannot visit a salon regularly. The option is quite simple, purchase a nail art supplies which you can do in the comfort of your home. 

Some of the basic nail art supply tools to consider includes: topcoat, nail file, polish remover, amongst others. In this article, we will discuss on other important nail art to consider for your perfect manicure kit.

12 Nail Art Supplies for Your Manicure Kit

Matte Topcoat

Applying a matte topcoatmakes your nails sparkle and beautiful. Your nails will look cool and non-glossy which is amazing. Try it out and feel the beautiful effects it leaves on your nails.

Corrector pen for Nail Polishing

Your nails can look flawlessly gorgeous without being a professional nail artist or visiting a salon simply by using a nail polish correction pen. All that is needed for a flawless look is to understand how to cleanly and properly tidy up your nail bed as a professional would do. The corrector pen helps you to eliminate any mistakes or spill overs around the sides of your nails effortlssly.

Remover Pads for Glitter Nail Polish

After all the flashiness on your nails from the glitters, you may find it difficult to remove the glitters while going for a formal ccassion. There is no need to worry anymore as you can use a textured removal pad to get rid of those glitters from your beautiful nails within a few minutes.

Nail Repair Formula

The nail repair formula is great for those that frequently use false nails or apply gel polish to nails which could have adverse effect on the nails such as brittlness and dryness. However, with the application of this special nail repair formula, you can easily get your nail back to its natural state with minimal stress.

Striping Tape

Do you want to make your nail art appear more beautiful? The stripping tape might be the right answer for you. Simply apply it to your nails and it forms a beautiful pattern on your nails, or it can compliment any art design on your nails.

Transfer Foils

Another cool nail art design is the transfer foils as it leaves a beautiful design on your nails after you may have used a base color and applied glue on top of your nails. Transfer foils is best used with adhesive glue so that the patterns can stay on the nails and form a beautiful pattern.

Dotter Tool

Dotter tool is another nail art supplies to try out if you intend to have dotdesign on your nails. It can add colorful pattern on your nails both small and large based on your prefernce.

Striper Brush

A striper brush is perfect for creating thin lines or making tiny nail art designs. You can purchase the striper brush in any nail art supply store near you. If you will be using various colors on your nails, ensure your brush is cleaned properly before using it for another color.

Loose Glitter

A loose glitter is another nail art that can make your nails look classy and sassy. You can purchase this at any nail art supply store. First, apply your base color then spread your loose glitter evenly on nails with more concentration on the nail tip.


Japanese wheel nail art colorful AB acrylic rhinestone mix sizes round crystal stones

Studs is great for those that want to make their nails glow with a touch of 3-D embellishments. Get your studs nail art supply in a local store nearby for a gorgeous look.

Nude Polish

Nude polish is perfect for ladies that doesnt want to show-off with their nails but still want a beautiful nails. Nude color is a perfect fit for formal occassion whereby you want to look classy but not too flashy. Nude polish is great for both short and long fingers, try it today!

Nail Wraps or Stickers

You can try out a cool premade nail art design using nail stickers. All you need do is to press it on your nails and you are good to go for your occasion.


We have carefully explained some of the nail art design you should try out for a beautiful and gorgeously looking nails. Pick your choice and get your nail art supplies today.