OPI Gelcolor LED Light

March 26, 2012

opi gelcolor led light 300x222 OPI Gelcolor LED Light

Gel Nails are expanding quickly throughout the world and OPI is right in the middle of it. OPI is a major player in this new salon manicure trend with its OPI Gelcolor product!

Not only is Gelcolor by OPI absolutely amazing but the lamp created for it is amazing women as well. Unlike traditional UV lamps, the OPI Gelcolor LED Light cuts curing time by 75% in most cases. For nail technicians and clients that means quicker appointments with less time under the light.

Own It Today – Buy Now: $400.00


OPI Gelcolor LED Light

OPI’s patent pending LED lamp is the future light for gel nails and you can have it today! This LED Lamp is top in the industry when it comes to speed, durability, reliability and performance.

OPI Gelcolor LED Light Features:

  • 30 Second Cure Times
  • 50,000 Hours of Performance
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Low Voltage
  • Saves Energy
  • Absolutely Zero Parts Need Changing
  • 32 Targeted LED Lights

The OPI LED Lamp is enginered to evenly distribute light directly to the nails. Its lights distribute evenly to the fingernails and thumbnails. The exterior of this light/lamp is made of medal. Its medal frame ensures it to last for multiple years of use.

You don’t have to worry about space with this new light. The interior of the lamp is spacious and can easily fit all five fingers.

OPI Gelcolor LED Light Video

Here is a video that goes through the basics of Gelcolor, the OPI LED Lamp, and the Gelcolor removal process.

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17 comments on “OPI Gelcolor LED Light

  1. I’ m just wondering if opi led lights cure the old axxium and hard gel?

  2. Wendy Warren on said:

    Have you increased the price from $335.00 to $400.00 since this morning?

    • gelcolorpolish on said:

      Like we said in the comment below. It simply represents the highest price that the lamp is sold for from distributors. You can buy the lamp for less than that as well.

      OPI Gelcolor LED Light

  3. Wendy Warren on said:

    Have you raised the price since this morning?

    • gelcolorpolish on said:

      No. It represents the highest price that the distributors are selling the lamp for. You will be able to find distributors that are selling the LED light for cheaper as well by simply clicking on the buy now link.

  4. Wendy Warren on said:

    Where can I buy the starter kit here is Los Angeles, CA?

  5. gelcolorpolish on said:

    The link to buy the product is right underneath the OPI LED light picture.

  6. This webpage states that the Opi LED UV lamp can be purchased today for $335. Where can I link to in order to do so?

    Thank you.

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