How Long Do You Cure OPI Gelcolor Under a UV Light?

April 10, 2012

How Long Do You Cure OPI Gelcolor Under a UV Light How Long Do You Cure OPI Gelcolor Under a UV Light?

As many of you may know OPI Gelcolor has the option to be cured under an LED light and a UV light.

The UV light is the traditional curing method and in fact takes longer than the new LED curing system. So exactly how long does it take to cure Gelcolor by OPI under a UV light?


Gelcolor UV Light Times

Base Coat: 1 minute
First Color Layer: 3 minutes
Second Color Layer: 3 minutes
Top Coat: 3 minutes

If you want to save time and money, then going with the OPI LED Light is your best option. However, if you already have a UV light then it might be best to stick with the system you are already using.

Step By Step Video

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6 comments on “How Long Do You Cure OPI Gelcolor Under a UV Light?

  1. Hannah on said:

    I have a small 9W UV lamp, can I cure OPI gel or Axxium polish with it? And what are the best polishes to use it with? Thanks

  2. my opi gel polish is still sticky & i followed the directions
    what did i do wrong?

  3. Nancy on said:

    My nail tech set the base coat timer for 10 seconds, first and second coats for 2 min each, and the top coat for 2 min. My problem is that some of the color is peeling off my nails. What could be causing this?

  4. katie on said:

    I recently had a manicure done and the nail tech used OPI gelcolor on me. I was excited to try something new, as I normally get the shellac. I found it odd that between the first 3 coats of base coat/color I sat for 3 minutes and the last coat the tech made me leave my hands under the lights for 6 minutes, 6! Is that correct or was the tech not trained properly?

    • Vinnie on said:

      If it was an UV light, the time should be 3 minutes
      If it was an LED light, should be 30 seconds
      This tech was not properly trained or the UV bulbs need to be replaced as require every 6 months to a year depending time of used.
      Any question, visit our web site
      More than happy to help you and that technician any time

      • GemmaGauld on said:

        Hi vinnie, seems like you know your stuff, wondered if you could help me. I do bio sculpture and have the bio lamp, UVA lamp 2×9 watt I’ve just brought some opi gel – will it cure? And how long if so? I’m not going to open bottles as could get a refund. Would really appreciate your feedback.thanks

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