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March 27, 2012

opi gelcolor colors 300x159 Gelcolor Colors

Below is a color chart for all 30 Gelcolor Colors. In october of 2011, OPI launched its very own soak off UV gel manicures. The Gelcolor system is definitely an improved upgrade of the older OPI Axxium system.

One thing that the two systems have in common is their color selection. OPI Gelcolor has many of the now famous OPI Colors that so many women love.

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Enjoy this OPI Gelcolor Chart!

  Big Apple Red   I’m Not Really A Waitress   Bastille My Heart
  Cajun Shrimp   Bogota Blackberry   Lincoln Park After Dark
  Pompeii Purple   Here Today..Aragon Tomorrow   Black Onyx
  Russian Navy   Suzi Says Feng Shui   Louvre Me Louvre Me Not
  Miami Beet   Pink Flamenco   Strawberry Margarita
  A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find   You Don’t Know Jacques!   Brisbane Bronze
  Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!   Malaga Wine   Funny Bunny
  A Grape Fit!   Samoan Sand   My Private Jet
  Princesses Rule!   Alpine Snow   Bubble Bath
  Passion   OPI Ink.   Kyoto Pearl

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24 comments on “Gelcolor Colors

  1. I’ve just gotten this system and bought 9 different colors. One of the seems thick even after shaking it like crazy. Is it bad?

  2. Tara Dekel on said:

    I was using bubble bath for months and the color seems to be pinker/orange now then it used to be…did you change it? It was whiter before and I liked it much better!!

  3. valentina on said:

    ive blended my own in the past by adding a small amount of passion to top coat. start with a few drops, blend well and add more as needed. the clear with a hint of pink is a beautiful everyday look that’s perfect for doctors, nurses, etc.

  4. Gel color by opy…great colors, easy for work, beautiful nails <3 <3 <3

  5. Jeannie on said:

    I have worn the Lincoln Park After Dark for the last several months. Had many compliments on the color and no issues with it being watery when applied, etc. In fact, my current gel manicure is going on 3 weeks now without even a chip.

    On another note, however, will OPI come out with a glittery clear gel topcoat soon? The holidays are coming and it would really look great.

    • I’d be keen to know this too. I have a number of clients who love some of the chunky glitter top coats other gel polish companies have released. It’d be great to have something for the party season!!

  6. Oddly, the swatches for Princesses Rule and Passion look exactly alike on my screen–can you describe them to me?

  7. Will you make coordinating gel colors and regular polish? I like my hands and feet to match.

    • They already match the opi colors that are out, that is what’s great about them, you can match your nails with your toenails

  8. Catherine on said:

    Pls make Mod About You in gel….

  9. The black onxy and the lincoln park after dark are watery and dont have enough color to them. I bought another bottle of each thinking it might be the batch. But both of the new ones are doing the same thing.I love the product and was the first nail tech in Alaska to use it. I am dissapointed I cant use the two dark colors.

    • They need shaken vigorously, we have actual paint shakers at the salon it helps so much shake them for at least 10 minutes

      • valentina on said:

        it also helps to use the colors first on yourself or co-worker (any non-paying client in fact) to allow the gelcolor to oxidize and thicken slightly. shaking is vital as well, but using it a couple times corrects it.

  10. A nice light pink for a French would be bubble bath.
    It is quite sheer. You just can’t tell by the picture. Another
    Nice option would be passion.

  11. Vanessa (Australia) on said:

    Will the colour range be expanding? I’ve seen some colours available in the axxium range that are nice but not available in GelColor…

  12. Phyllis on said:

    Any chance of introducing a color that is like the clear with the pink tint that is often used for French nails?

  13. What gel colour would be closest to “You callin’ me a lyre”?? Bubble bath or Cosmo-not tonight honey?

  14. Marcia on said:

    Do you have a gel color called “lavender?

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